SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing Integrate into your Marketing Campaigns

Text messaging enables information to be sent to groups of people quickly and conveniently in much the same way as email, making it an increasing popular e-marketing channel.

Advantages of SMS marketing, The benefits of SMS marketing include:

  • The personal nature of mobile phones make SMS marketing a very powerful tool.
  • Most people take their mobile phones everywhere - meaning they can be effective for time sensitive messages
  • People tend to read virtually every text they get - unlike junk mail, spam or adverts which can be ignored.
  • Can be used with information from your customer relationship management system to target customers past on their past purchase behavior
  • Build Loyal Customers
  • Instant Deliverability
  • Flexible Platform
  • Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out
  • High Open Rate
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Reliable
  • Limitless Market Potential
  • Improve communication
  • Straight to the point